Stiletto Stage-5 (x2) - (bass)

Both black and white... MM style pickups were originally selectable as passive or active. On both basses, I had the active selection taken out so it runs simply as passive. This bass is no longer in production.

Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard 5-String Electric Bass Guitar Honey Violin Oil - (bass)

The 5-string Warwick Streamer Rockbass Standard is a remarkable entry-level electric bass guitar with exceptional sound and playability usually found only in higher end basses. The solid carolena body, hardly ever found on basses in this price range, delivers a range of exceptional, pleasing tones and incredible sustain.

Boss ODB-3 Bass Overdrive Pedal - (overdrive)

Looking for that fuzzy, aggressive bass sound of today's modern music? You've found it with the BOSS ODB-3 Bass Overdrive pedal! You get the bone-quaking bass distortion that you hear in today's techno, industrial, and metal genres. Designed specifically for bass, the ODB-3 pedal sounds great!

Morley Dual Bass Wah Pedal Dual Bass Wah Pedal - (wah)

The Dual Bass Wah (Model PBA-2) pedal comes equipped with 2 selectable wah sounds: Traditional Wah and Funk Wah. Level control allows wah output adjustment in either wah mode. Morley's Electro-Optical circuitry allows wailing wah tone and noise free long lasting operation.

Tech21 SansAmp Bass Driver DI Programmable - (preamp)

This little analog box is a main part of my sound... I simply plug this into a power amp and control the sound through 1 of 3 presets. I use one for the main sound, one for a distorted sound, and one for strictly recording.

Shure GLXD16 Wireless System - (wireless)

No batteries... This wireless unit simply charges like a mobile phone. The reciever is actually a pedal that doubles as a tuner. A lot of money but worth it for saving on batteries alone.

Gallien-Krueger MB800 - (amp)

About that pro functionality: GK's fitted this little beast with everything you need. The MB800's controls are illuminated to indicate operating status: input clip, tuning mute, gain A, gain B/level-B, power amp clipping, limiter enable, and EQ/contour settings. Every stage of the MB800's discrete FET-driven preamp features the same FET technology used to create the proprietary boost circuit found in all GK amps.

Ampeg BA210V2 2x10 Bass Combo - (combo)

Ampeg's BA-210 2x10³ 450W bass combo delivers classic Ampeg tone and performance-driven features in a powerful 450W design perfect for keeping up with a full band.

Gallien-Krueger CX410-8 800-Watt 4x10 - (cabinet)

The CX 410 is one of the smallest, lightest 4 x 10 cabs ever made. If you need to move air onstage, 10 speakers are a proven way to do it with powerful bottom end and articulation.